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Buddy Knox

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Australia's Own BB King

Buddy first remembers playing the guitar at the age of 8, in his community, his Mother Vivian taught him 3 chords. He taught himself the rest, and was always inspired by Chuck Berry.

Knox- “I wanted to play like Chuck. Sometimes I imagined being Chuck. Sometimes I thought I was Chuck. But I knew I always wanted to be the singer in my own Band”

At fifteen, Buddy left school to tour with his Father, Roger Knox, and Euraba band. His musical prowess developed, his guitar skills and his vocal confidence grew. Buddy was starting to gain attention for his remarkable guitar expertise and was playing for other Indigenous greats, including Jimmy Little, Auriel Andrew, Col Hardy, Vic Simms. The invitation from Warumpi Band to play was a great experience for Buddy and he toured with them for a decade at festivals, jails and remote communities.

All the time Buddy's fervour for blues had been simmering, and in 2006, he assembled his own Blues Band. "I haven't got the blues... the blues have got me!’ said Buddy.

His independent career flourished and he gained recognition as a bona fide Blues artist.

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